Review: Le Cellier

Oh Canada! Nothing says friendly neighbor to the North than Beer Cheddar Cheese soup. It’s beer and cheese, how can you go wrong with that? Add warm pretzel and you are in heaven.


This had become the “gold” standard of dining at Epcot. Everyone who was interested in having a good meal knew at 180 days before your vacation (exactly 7am Eastern) you better be on the phone to get a reservation . Unfortunately, it seems the popularity has caused this restaurant to become out of reach for most diners now that it has been promoted to a Signature restaurant and requires 2 dining credits to eat here.

The Low Down:

Price: $$$

Type: Table Service

Accepts Disney Dining Plan and Tables in Wonderland. 2 Table Service Credits for DDP.

Food: Steakhouse quality items. The steaks are all Canadian grown beef and they are some of the most tender steaks I have ever eaten. The filet is mouth watering melty goodness. The menu features all Canadian inspired dishes including “Poutine.” Now Disney Poutine is different than regular poutine because any self-respecting Canadian knows it’s white cheese curds and brown gravy. Disney’s version is a more upscale model.

Can’t Miss Items: Cheddar Cheese Beer Soup, Mushroom Risotto Filet, Pretzel Bread and the Chocolate “Moose” dessert.

Service: I cannot say I’ve ever had a server who has been memorable. The servers all seemed more interested in turning over tables than to carry on extended conversations with their guests.

Ambiance: The atmosphere is suppose to resemble that of a wine cellar. So it’s dark and really enclosed. Wood tables, stone walls and candles add to the decor. Perfect for a romantic dinner. Not so much when people are squeezing past you table trying to get to their seat.



Alcohol: Yes, they offer a full bar and a big selection of Canadian beers and wines.

Kid Factor: Epcot doesn’t really attract the big families like Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom. You will see a few kids but not many.

Overall: Le Cellier has historically been one of the toughest reservations to get for dinner, which led to it requiring 2 Table Service credits for dinner. The smart Disney consumers found a loophole with that and started to snagging reservations for lunch which required only 1 credit. Disney decided to nip that in the butt and made Le Cellier a “Signature Dining” restaurant requiring 2 credits both for lunch and dinner. That makes Le Cellier a little less of a deal since there are other great steakhouses that don’t require giving up 2 credits for a meal. The food is good but not that good.

Verdict: 4.0 out of 5 Stars

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Theresa Carlson

Theresa has been a life-long Disney fan since she first visited the Magic Kingdom in 1985 at the age of 3. According to her mother, she squealed with excitement when she saw Winnie the Pooh and Chip n' Dale for the first time. That love for Disney has not died as she grew up. She continues to be fascinated with the history of EPCOT Center and maintains the radio station, Kungaloosh Radio on TuneIn Radio.

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