Review: San Angel Inn

San Angel Inn is tucked inside the Mexico pavilion. If you ever rode on El Rio del Tiempo (or the newest incarnation Gran Fiesta Tour) then you have at least seen part of the restaurant from the boat.

San Angel

The whole concept of the restaurant is to enjoy a twilight riverside meal in a 17th century styled hacienda. Disney Imagineering has really out done themselves on this one. It could be a hot, sunny day Orlando day and once you walk in, you are transformed to a Mexican marketplace at night.


San Angel Inn 1


The Low Down:

Price: $$

Type: Table Service

Accepts Disney Dining Plan and Tables in Wonderland. 1 Table Service Credit for DDP.

Food: The food is “authentic” Disney Mexican food. Expect a lot of nachos, steak and chicken. I always found the food to be a hit or miss. If you’re a Mexican food connoisseur, this restaurant will be a disappointment.

Can’t Miss Items: Fiesta Margaritas,  Helado de Dulce de Leche and Mole Poblano. Flan is also good though it seems to occasionally pop off the menu.

Service:  Waitstaff is pretty attentive though I never really found anyone overly friendly.

Ambiance: Very dark (think low ambient lighting).Guests on the boat ride may or may not be loud when passing by the Mayan temple. This is one of the best atmospheres in all of WDW due to design and ambiance. If you’re half blind like myself you may struggle to read the menu by candlelight.

Alcohol: Of course. San Angel offers a variety of Mexican beers, wine and large margaritas.

Kid Factor: This is one of the more romantic places to dine in Epcot so the kid factor is pretty low.

Overall: The atmosphere is outstanding but the food is overpriced for standard Mexican food.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

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