Broadcast Schedule

At Kungaloosh Radio, we offer a variety of programs throughout the day. From our weekly specials to daily favorites, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Daily Programs:

Daily from 12am – 3am (Eastern)

Sleepy Time


Daily from 3am – 5am



Daily from 8am – 9am

Good Morning


Daily from 9pm – 10pm

Disney Evenings


Daily from 10pm – 12am



Special Weekly Programs

Sunday (9am – 9pm)

BGM Sunday

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Monday (10am – 12pm)

Click for full Monday schedule


Tuesday (9am – 4pm)Park Hopper

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Wednesday (6pm – 9pm)

WS 2

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Thursday (9am – 9pm)

Kungaloosh Ride Along 1

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Friday (9am – 9pm)

Retro 1

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Saturday (7pm – 9pm)


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